the mindfulness revolution for leadership superpowers


opression in the soma

what's in your body that's holding you back?



no matter who we are, + what we do, our leadership presence + style is deeply shaped by our environment + our contexts. Our soma, comprising of our biology, socio-economic status, histories, political environment, psychological + spiritual landscapes determine + influence who we are + how we show up in the world. It is by deeply understanding our soma + somatic shape that we can identify what holds us back + help us leap into + live through our true leadership potential.


are you running on fumes?
don’t know what to do about it?
you need a reboot.
we know what it’s like for burnout to hijack our well being, + with it, our spirit + state of mind. we are not at our best when this happens + a reboot is something we must make time to do. reclaim your inner power from burnout


got superpowers?
are you ready to change your life in 60 days or less?
we’re ready to take things up a notch in this next round of #30DaysUP! Like, before, we want to challenge + support you to develop superpowers that increase your self-awareness, your awareness of others, + now, unlike before, it’s all about growing happiness from the seeds of our suffering that’s grounded in self-love.

people are talking about us

nothing beats experiential knowledge. hear first hand accounts from our participants to gather a full picture of all that is possible from UP’s various special events. each of our special events are built around the collective group so each time is a right AND a new experience.
what are you waiting for?
if you’re not at the center of the work you do, you need to see how people are transforming to bring real power + impact to their lives.